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Heroin Will Bring Us Together

When it comes to organized crime in the Middle East, everyone seems to manage to get along as long as the money keeps flowing.

21. (SBU) The profit motive serves as a great unifier among Israel’s diverse demographic groups. According to xxxxx, some Amsterdam-based Hasidic groups allegedly are implicated in international drug smuggling through links to Israeli [organized crime]. Arab and Jewish Israeli criminals routinely cooperate and form alliances to expand control of lucrative drug, car theft and extortion rackets. Even hostile and closed borders pose few obstacles to [organized crime] groups. According to the INP, 43% of intercepted heroin in 2008 was smuggled from Lebanon, 37% from Jordan, and 12% from Egypt.

From Cable Reference ID 09TELAVIV1098, 2009-05-15 14:02, Classification UNCLASSIFIED, Origin Embassy Tel Aviv.