The Arrests of woot and reid

On April 9 2012, a statement of facts was filed at the Eastern District of Virginia Court after a plea bargain was reached regarding a charge of conspiracy to import an analogue controlled substance. Justin Steven Scroggins, also known as woot from the online drug discussion forum, pled guilty to the charge. The statement of facts was in large part similar to the indictment posted previously, but also contains additional detail of his arrest.

On April 10, 2012, Scroggins was arrested in Jacksonville, Florida. He was given his legal rights and elected to waive them in writing. Scroggins admitted that he had set up his own website,, in August 2011 to compete with another drug website on which he had previously sold synthetic drugs. Scroggins not only marketed drugs on his website, but also sold advertising space on the site for $200 to $400 per month. In November 2011, Scroggins began using the name Micro Nutrient Supply (MNS) to market synthetic cannabinoids from the AM and JWH series of compounds. He then expanded his market to include 5-MeO-MiPT, 5-MeO-DALT, A-PVP, MXE, 4-EMC, 4-MEC, and etizolam. Scroggins admitted to importing his drugs into the United States from three different laboratories in China. Scroggins stated that he would label his blends and other products “not for human consumption” but he admitted “I know what it is … people buy this stuff to get high.”

Scroggins admitted to special agents that he had placed an order for A-PVP, pentylone, pentedrone, 4-MEC and other drugs from reidtang, one of the contacts at a Chinese lab, through CD#1 in Virginia on April 5, 2012. He stated that he wanted to place the order through CD#1 because the drug bans were much less stringent in Virginia than in Florida. Scroggins and CD#1 had both ordered and received analogue drugs from reidtang prior to the April order.

In a consent search of the defendant’s residence, agents recovered three plastic bags containing 4-MEC and UR-144, which had been placed in the toilet for disposal but did not go down the drain. The plastic bag containing the drugs was submitted to the Department of Homeland Security US Customs and Border Protection Laboratory. The lab determined that there was 24.24 grams of 4-MEC and UR-144 in a small bag, 120.36 grams of 4-MEC in a large bag, and plant material which contained 45.64 grams of 4-MEC.

Further, agents recovered mixing jars, rubber gloves, a grinder, USPS packing/mailing boxes and envelopes, packaging materials, tobacco flavorings, a desktop computer, a USB drive and a Sprint cell phone. In addition, $1636 in US currency was recovered.

On September 5 2012, the contact at the Chinese lab named in the statement of facts “reidtang” was allegedly arrested as well. This appears to be a coordinated effort between US and Chinese authorities.

our company no long existed since reid has been arrested by the china GOV.
he was arrested at 5th,SEP,and still haven’t been able to release so far,all the stocks of our chems and money have been confiscated by the police.
we’re realy sorry for this happened,we never scammed any of the customers,but,we have no money to compensate for your loss……….
the situation here seems quite not optimistic here,the GOV is seaching for RCs source……
best regards,

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