The Fall of Euphoric Knowledge

On April 9 2012, an affidavit was filed at the Eastern District of Virginia Court describing an offense of conspiracy to import an analogue controlled substance. The affidavit was submitted in support for an arrest warrant for Justin Steven Scroggins, also known as woot who ran the online drug discussion forum Euphoric Knowledge. Selected excepts follow, edited for clarity.

Since early February 2012, I have been investigating a loosely affiliated organization of individuals throughout the United States that are involved in the large scale importation of synthetic drugs from laboratories in China into the United States and the subsequent nationwide distribution of those drugs. Through the course of the investigation, I have identified Justin Steven Scroggins, aka “Woot”, aka “Dirk McDiggler” as an individual involved in these activities. Scroggins was initially identified by a cooperating defendant (CD#1) in this investigation.

Through the review of recorded telephone conversations, internet chats, and video teleconferencing activities, I have become acutely aware of Scroggins and his drug trafficking activities. On an almost daily basis since March 16, 2012, Scroggins has been observed discussing his use, importation and distribution of various controlled substances including, but not limited to: cocaine, marijuana, and various synthetic drugs covered under the Federal Analogue Act. Scroggins has been observed discussing methods by which he receives payment for his drug trafficking activities, disguises his income, and launders the proceeds. Scroggins has also discussed, on several occasions, planning to launder money for a profit for vendors on his website

I reviewed a video recording taken April 5, 2012 in which Scroggins, CD#1, and a third individual “reidtang” conducted a recorded three-way videoconference. The purpose of this teleconference was for Scroggins to discuss importing several synthetic drugs from reidtang’s laboratory in China into the United States via CD#1. Scroggins expressed his intent to sent approximately $5000 via express mail to CD#1 so that CD#1 could purchase the drugs from reidtang on Scroggins’ behalf. Scroggins stated that he wished for CD#1 to purchase the following on his behalf:

1 kilogram of 4-MEC
500 grams of A-PVP
250 grams of pentylone
250 grams of pentedrone
25 grams of D2PM
25 grams of 4-MBC
25 grams of A-PBP

(These substances are analogues of scheduled controlled substances banned by federal law. As they are chemically similar in structure and have the same basic physiological effects as the controlled substances, these substances are banned under 21 U.S.C. Section 813, as Schedule I controlled substances.)

On the video recording Scroggins stated that he intentionally wished to conduct the transaction in this fashion saying “I don’t wanna get any of that shit here because I don’t wanna have any issues goin’ to fuckin’ jail over it.” Scroggins also added that “I’m pretty sure they went through one of my packages, they didn’t open the packages, but they opened the documentation for it, they were reading the slips.” Scroggins also commented on other difficulties with increasingly stringent synthetic drug bans in Florida.

In addition to the recorded video teleconferencing, Scroggins, CD#1, and reidtang were conducting a simultaneous text chat. During this text chat, Scroggins told reidtang “so total of about $6000, I will send money to CD#1, he can bankwire no issues :) ” to which reidtang responded “k good”. Reidtang then informed Scroggins he has methoxetamine for sale. Scroggins responded “nice as long as it is good quality, rcsupplier sent me a batch of fucking white crap. I can maybe snort 100mg, small effect, haha and it makes my throat feel scratchy. Feels like I’ve been snorting a razor.” Scroggins subsequently sent CD#1 an internet chat message with the tracking number for the currency being mailed to CD#1.

On the morning of April 7, 2012, I along with another member of the investigative team intercepted the package of US currency being shipped to CD#1 from Scroggins. The package was a letter size US Postal Service Express Mail envelope. The package was seized and opened with the consent of CD#1. Inside this envelope as a sealed US Postal Service Priority Mail envelope which contained a sealed white plastic envelope, which in turn contained a sealed manila envelope, which contained a sealed brown paper envelope, which finally contained $4600 US currency. The tracking number on this package was the same tracking number provided the previous day by Scroggins.

Based on the previous, I submit that there is probable cause to believe that Scroggins aka w00t and others, some of whom are not yet known or fully identified, have committed the offense described above.

A short message was posted on the website confirming these events.

Dear users of Euphoric Knowledge,

It is in this time of great duress we must inform you about what has been going on, and what the current site admins have been trying to cover up.

Woot has indeed been arrested and is in custody. We have little faith that he will not roll on us. Here is proof of his arrest

(link to affidavit)

As you can see, woot has been in custody since April 10. The DEA has sealed the case as an “ongoing investigation” which means EK is likely compromised beyond salvation. Resu and MrMike are not to be trusted, as they have been trying to cover up these allegations, even going so far as to say he would post from woot’s account to reassure everyone. Their nonchalant attitude here seems to indicate his own LEO involvement, or at least a blatant disregard for the member’s safety by covering up this event. They specifically requested the staff not tell anyone what had happened.

This is coming from the entire moderation staff. We have convened long and hard about this. Following this post we will likely be banned.

We extend a hand of friendship to you members to reconvene with us at

It is a nonprofit site. Vendors do not pay to be sponsored. The domain is hosted in russia, out of the USA’s jurisdiction.

In this time of great strife, we must remember to be strong. We are still a community.
We advise you to take measures to protect yourselves. Delete incrimination posts, etc

The EK Moderation team

The site mentioned as a replacement,, does not currently appear to be operational.

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